MR-908A Rowing machine

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MR-908A Rowing Machine - Effective Exercise with Absolute Stability

The MR-908A rowing machine combines innovation with comfort, offering a complete exercise experience. Its wireless operation with 18L water tank and 6 sheets ensures a realistic paddling sensation.

Key Features:

  • Display with indications of distance, pulse, time, total strokes, calories
  • Foldable (90 degrees) for easy storage
  • Quiet and ergonomic design
  • Adjustable petals for maximum comfort
  • Materials: ABS shell

Upgrade your workout with the MR-908A rowing machine at home. Get the MR-908A camera and enjoy the advantages of wireless operation, without the need for batteries or cables. It is environmentally friendly and folds to save space, with a 90-degree tilt. With wireless operation, you won't have to worry about cables or replacing batteries, making it more convenient and reliable. The foldable feature makes it easy to store in small spaces, making it ideal for any home. Enjoy an ecological and practical solution for your fitness.

Rowing machine technical specifications:

Dimensions: 106.5x27x80 cm (length x height x width)
Net weight: 42 kg
Product size: 1870x570x930 mm.
Folding size: 880x555x1565 mm.
Water tank capacity: 18L
Water tank diameter: 518 mm
Supported load: 135 kg (maximum)
Black color
Package Contents - rowing machine:
1x MR-908A rowing machine
1x User Manual
Warranty 2 years

Technical specifications

Product: Rowing machine

Model: MR-908A

Color: Black

Supported load: 135 kg (maximum)

Dimensions: 106.5X27X80 (length x height x width)

Net weight 42kg

Product size: 1870*570*930mm

Folded size: 880*555*1565mm

Water tank capacity: 13L

Water tank diameter: 518mm

Silent, ergonomic with adjustable pedals

With ABS shell material, foldable

Package contents

1x Machine 1x User Manual

✅1 year warranty

✅Free delivery all over Cyprus

✅Free assembly

✅There is no fee to place your order. You only pay a small deposit AFTER the product is delivered to the location of your choice.

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