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The Memory Care Cervical Memory Foam Pillow is designed to provide superior support and comfort during sleep. Made of high-quality hypoallergenic memory foam, this pillow improves breathing and offers ultimate relaxation. Its special neck support curve design ensures that your head and shoulders will be properly supported, reducing pressure and relieving pain.

This sleeping pillow is ideal for relieving the stress of everyday life and getting deep restful sleep. Memory Care Cervical - White adapts to the curves of the body, offering personalized comfort and support.

Anatomical Sleeping Pillow with memory foam, curved, breathable and hypoallergenic

Characteristics of the Sleeping Pillow

Hypoallergenic and Breathable Material The Memory Care anatomical pillow is made of hypoallergenic sponge that prevents the development of allergies and ensures excellent breathing, thanks to special holes that improve air circulation.

Benefits of the Memory Foam Pillow

Stress and Fatigue Relief

The Memory Care Cervical memory foam pillow helps release the stress that has built up during the day, offering total relaxation and comfort.

Personalized Comfort for All Sleeping Positions

This sleeping pillow adjusts to all sleeping positions, providing excellent support and comfort no matter how you sleep.


  • Total length: 72 cm
  • Total width: 42 cm
  • Height: 12 cm


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