Gray cotton sheets

Mattress dimensions: 110x195

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Upgrade the comfort of your bedroom with gray cotton sheets. These sheets are made from high-quality cotton, offering a soft texture and breathable feel that ensures a restful and comfortable sleep. Ideal for all seasons, these sheets combine softness and comfort, making them ideal for any home.

Characteristics of Bed Sheets

High Quality Cotton for Softness and Comfort

The cotton sheets are made of 100% cotton, ensuring softness and comfort during sleep. Their breathable texture allows air to circulate, maintaining body temperature at ideal levels and offering a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Available Sizes and Dimensions

Gray cotton sheets come in three sizes to match any bed:


  • Flat sheet: 180x207 cm
  • Fitted sheet: 110x195 +35 cm
  • 1 pillow case: 55x75 cm


  • Flat sheet: 230x270 cm
  • Fitted sheet: 160x200 +35 cm
  • 2 pillowcases: 55x75 cm


  • Flat sheet: 260x270 cm
  • Fitted sheet: 180x200 +35 cm
  • 2 pillowcases: 55x75 cm

Benefits of Gray Cotton Sheets

Comfort and Quality of Sleep

Gray sheets offer exceptional comfort and support during sleep, ensuring you wake up refreshed and rested. Their soft and breathable texture offers a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Cotton sheets are easy to maintain and easy to clean, retaining their freshness even after many washes. The durability of the cotton ensures long-term wear without wear and tear, making them ideal for everyday use.

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