Modern Gray Nightstand Galini

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Gray Waterproof Nightstand Galini

Upgrade your bedroom with the modern gray Galini bedside table , which combines functionality and elegance. Constructed with an MDF frame and PVC faux leather upholstery, this bedside table offers durability and style, making it ideal for any modern bedroom.

Characteristics of the bedside table

MDF Frame for Stability and Durability

The modern gray Galini bedside table has a sturdy MDF frame that offers stability and long-term durability. Its high-quality construction ensures that the bedside table will remain in excellent condition for years.

PVC Faux Leather lining

The PVC faux leather lining adds a sense of luxury while offering scratch resistance, waterproofing and ease of maintenance. The Galini bedside table is ideal for everyday use, always maintaining its elegant appearance.

Benefits of the Modern Gray Serenity Bedside Table

Silent and Soft Closing with Self-Closing System

The modern gray bedside table has a self-closing system for silent and gentle closing of the drawers, offering comfort and practicality in use. This feature ensures that the drawers will always close smoothly, without noise.

Elegant and Functional Design

The elegant and functional design of the Galini bedside table makes it ideal for any modern bedroom. The gray color and faux leather upholstery give it a modern aesthetic that blends easily with any decor.


  • Length: 49 cm
  • Width: 49 cm
  • Height: 42 cm


  • Wooden frame
  • PVC-coated fabric
  • Scratch resistance
  • Silent and soft closing with self-closing system

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