Dias Corner Sofa

Color: Beige

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The modern comfortable corner sofa Dias offers a combination of comfort and functionality, ideal for any modern home.

It has back mechanisms that open backwards, thus creating a relaxation space equal to two beds, while its dimensions are 320 x 270 cm with a depth of 100 cm and a height of 90 cm.

It is made of oak with a stable foam lining and return rubbers to maintain the original shape. The offered details of the Dia Corner sofa enhance the aesthetics and quality:

  • Stain-resistant unwashed linen fabric, available in shades of beige and light brown.
  • Solid wood rubble around the perimeter and wooden decorative detail on the arm, add a touch of sophistication.
  • Matte black metallic legs guarantee discreet support and stability.

The modern comfortable corner sofa Dias improves the functionality of your living room and is a stylish decorative element. Free delivery and assembly throughout Cyprus adds extra value, making it ideal for any family looking to upgrade their space.

320 x 250

Depth: 100

Height: 90

  • Dimensions: 320 x 270 Depth: 100 Height: 90
  • Skeleton: Beech
  • Seat: stable foam material with return rubbers that keep the sofa's original shape - medium seat hardness
  • With back mechanismswhich open backwards thus creating a Relax area and two beds improving the functionality of the sofa throughout the day
  • Fabric: Washed linen
  • Decorative: Solid wooden rubble around the perimeter of the living room
  • Back: Wooden decorative detail on the arm
  • Legs: Matte black metallics
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✅Free assembly

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