Aphro-Angel divan with drawers storage space

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Compatible mattress size: 90x190

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Aphro Angel Divan bed base with Drawers / Storage Space

Discover simplicity and practicality in bedroom design with the Aphro Angel storage bed. Designed to maximize use and aesthetics, this divan bed frame with drawers is ideal for those looking for space-saving solutions in a sophisticated way.

The Aphro Angel divan bed with drawers stands out for its durable construction, with a solid wooden base that offers exceptional durability and longevity. It supports the mattress evenly, maintaining its shape and ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep.

Storage Bed Features:

  • Dimensions: available in all dimensions
  • Available in 54 Color Options: Choose the perfect shade to match the decor of your space.
  • Durable Construction: The sturdy wooden base offers exceptional durability and longevity, supporting the mattress evenly and maintaining its shape.
  • Spacious Storage: Drawers provide easy access to storage, freeing up valuable room space.
  • Upholstery Materials: Choose between luxurious velvet, leatherette or waterproof and durable fabrics, for an impressive look and feel.

The Aphro Angel storage bed effectively combines functionality with contemporary aesthetics, giving your bedroom a sense of organization and sophisticated style. The practical drawers help to save space, the variety of colors and materials allow you to adapt it to your preferences.

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