Marrakech living room rug

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Unique Feeling of Magnificence in your Space

The Marrakech living room rug is a classic rug that adds elegance and grandeur to any living room. With its detailed design and tricolor of blue, red and beige, this rug makes a unique addition to any space.

Marrakech Living Room Rug Features

  • Classic Design: It has a traditional design that highlights the aesthetics of every room.
  • Tricolor: Shades of blue, red and beige add a rich and elegant look to the rug.
  • Detailed Design: The careful design of the rug offers a sense of luxury and grandeur.

Benefits of the Marrakech Carpet

The Marrakech rug is not just a rug, but a work of art that can upgrade any living room. The rich shades and the elaborate design of the carpet create an impressive visual effect that enhances the aesthetics of your space.

Why Choose the Marrakech Living Room Rug?

By choosing the Marrakech rug , you add a sense of grandeur and elegance to your space. Its classic design and rich shades make it ideal for any living room, while offering comfort and warmth.


  • Length: 160 cm.
  • Width: 230 cm.

With the Marrakech rug, you upgrade the aesthetics of your living room and create a space that exudes luxury and grandeur


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