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Is it time to change my mattress?


time to change your mattress by Lux Furniture

According to the Sleep in America study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), it was found that 75% of adults in the United States experience sleep problems, while 60% of the survey participants claimed that during the day fatigue due to insomnia affects their performance in the various activities.

The reasons that cause insomnia and sleep problems can be many, from a physical or mental condition, to more practical obstacles, such as choosing an inappropriate mattress.

How old is your mattress?

According to the findings of the research, mattresses also have an age limit of about seven years, but the lifespan of each kind of mattress depends on the manufacturer, on the quality and type, on whether we sleep alone or with a partner but even by the way we sleep in it.

•If there is a dent in your mattress or it has taken the shape of your body, then you should definitely get a new one, as dents or broken springs are the best evidence that your bed has suffered significant wear and tear.

• A common consequence of poor sleep is neck and spine problems, problems that arise mainly due to the misalignment of our backs during the night. This can be due to both our sleeping position and the type of mattress we use.

• If you lie down to sleep and wake up the next day more tired, if you experience back pain, this proves that your mattress is not doing its job well.

•Duct mites that accumulate on mattresses over time can cause allergic reactions as well as asthma attacks.

In the best cases, and as long as the sleep is good, we dream in our bed. So why leave something so important to chance?


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